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United Kingdom

June 2016

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Joanna Wakefield

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About two years ago I discovered the joy of painting with acrylic and mixed media. The creation of art is in my experience, hugely therapeutic. In this busy world I paint from feeling and emotion rather than having a planned picture in my head. I had in the past attended many traditional art classes but found that still life, vases, jugs and bits of fruit didn’t quite do it for me. My pictures evolve as I progress. Many of my artworks are created with knives, fingers, spatulas and other implements... brushes rarely are brought into play. I love vivid and strong colours, as you will see from my work. I also use emulsion paint, sprays and other mediums incorporating texture, sometimes in the form of beads, glitter and so forth into each piece of artwork. Acrylic art and other media have untapped a part of my headspace. At times I have been nigh on crippled with mental anxiety and stress but this way of creation has unleashed so much passion and soul in me. I would urge anyone to give this art form a try because if you don't, you will never know what the paint, the colours, the joy and the textures can evoke. I work from my studio in the glorious Devon countryside and every piece encapsulates energy and enthusiasm. Acrylics are the most amazing medium and fill me with joy. I am pleased to have had some commissions but most of my works sold are because the colours ticked the boxes!



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